Snow Q&A with Tracey Bird Marketing & Accountancy

1. Introduce Yourself…

Hello. I’m Tracey Bird. Marketing accountant for small businesses. Professional, normal and just a little bit omelette :)

2. Marketing and accountancy, how did you come to put both together?

I started out in marketing and worked my way up to being a Marketing Manager for Johnson & Johnson. My focus was on the numbers of business and helping the business units I was responsible for achieve growth, so I developed a love of numbers and what they mean to businesses.

My family ran small businesses and in my spare time I was drafted in to look after the financials – prepare VAT returns, year-end accounts, set up accounting systems when computers became fashionable (yes, I’m that old!).

I left the rat race with the aim of helping small businesses. I worked at a firm of Chartered Accountants, then trained accountancy students and was awarded my licence to practice accountancy in 2011.

My marketing and accountancy background gives me a unique insight into a business – the numbers tell a story about a business and I use that knowledge to help clients achieve their goals by applying marketing thinking to the numbers of business. I even made up a word for it…I call it marcountancy. How cool is that!?

3. How do you spend your time outside of Omelette HQ?

With Benson, Tillie and the wonderful Mr Bird (Ian). I’m very lucky to live and work in a beautiful part of the world and every day I enjoy and appreciate the outdoor lifestyle this gives me. When I’m not working I do a lot of walking, a little bit of jogging, some bouncing around on my spacehopper and lots of leapy skippy jumps. I also love cooking. And eating. AND…I’m really getting into gardening. I love mowing the lawn with Tom my lawnmower. Next year I would like to grow some veg and it would be really cool to have some hens. I would call them omelette…obviously.

4. Name your dream client and why?

All my clients are totally ace. Everyone is on their own unique journey with their business and I love getting to know my clients and being part of their exciting business journey.

5. You are on Twitter as is your dog, what do you like most about this social media platform?

Benson is on Twitter for business reasons – he is busy setting up his company Benson’s Skycar Design Company. Recently he has tweeted with Innocent Drinks about boxing and some French dude who got some publicity from Virgin about their flying cars. Twitter opens up a huge network of contacts, possibilities and opportunities. Who knew my dog could have a conversation with Innocent Drinks about boxing?

I love Twitter. It allows you to create a brand personality, it’s a global networking opportunity, it’s a great platform for getting to know people, sharing knowledge and finding information. And it’s fun! What’s not to like!

6. What is the best accountants tip you could give folk?

Mmmm. Tough one! So here’s some generic advice: Choosing an accountant is a little bit like choosing your life partner – someone who is there for the long haul who will take the journey to success with you. Make sure you get on with and trust your accountant from the outset and make sure they understand your business and your goals. This will ensure that you get the best from them and they will add value to your business and become your trusted adviser.

Tracey Bird


Tracey Bird
Tracey Bird Marketing & Accountancy

Professional, normal, and just a little bit omelette!




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