Snow Q&A with Rachael Bews

1. Introduce Yourself…

Hello I am Rachael Bews. I recently graduated with first class honours in Business and Management with Marketing. I’m now putting my marketing knowledge and writing skills to good use - working as a marketing, communications and editorial freelancer. I primarily produce content and copy for websites, articles, promotional literature and social media. You can find out more about me and my services at

2. With being fresh out of University your head must be buzzing with ideas, what’s first?

Indeed my head is buzzing with ideas! My initial goal was to take that very first step into self-employment, create a website and start promoting my services. Now that I am moving along my chosen career path, I plan on getting to know my market and local business community better, before hopefully establishing myself as a limited company.

3. What do you love most about marketing?

The thing that I love most about marketing is branding, and just how integral a part it is in all of our lives, even if we don’t think it is! If you tried to count the number of brands that you encounter in a single day it would be near impossible. Yet asking yourself why you choose them can be even more difficult. Brands influence consumer behaviour on a level we don’t at first realise, but when we do we understand how important branding is to businesses and the success of products and services.

4. You are an avid blogger, what would be your top tip for anyone trying blogging for the first time?

For blogging novices, the most important thing to consider is the audience that they are targeting. Who are they, what platforms do they use, which topics interest them, what writing style will capture their attention? This knowledge should influence the location, format and content of any blog.

5. Are you a Mac or PC girl?

I know a number of individuals who strongly defend both sides, and I have a mixture of gadgets by both brands, however I have to say that at present I remain a PC girl! Though I may be swayed to the Mac world one day, my current commitment to PC is evidence of the impact of branding, brand associations and loyalty in action!

6. Name your favourite spot in the Highlands and why?

There are so many beautiful parts of the Highlands, it is exceptionally difficult to choose just one! However as my favourite place to be is on the coast, I would have to choose Dornoch beach (even if there were too many jellyfish during my last visit!).



Rachael Bews
Marketing, Communications & Editorial Freelancer


Image Courtesy of Tim Winterburn Photography


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