Snow Q&A with Andrew Woodhouse of Landscapes365

1. Introduce Yourself… 

Hello. I’m Andrew and I am Landscapes365 the landscape photography half of Love Skye Photography. My wife Rosie is the other half of Love Skye Photography and she takes wedding and portrait photographs. We both do commercial, event and product photography, quite often together, which is nice. We will pretty much take photographs of anything, maybe not crime scenes though…or underwater. Rosie doesn’t like the sea much. Or anything on the top of a tall building.

2. So where did your love of the Isle of Skye all begin? 

When Rosie told me we were moving there…Skye is beautiful and interesting and exciting. So is almost everywhere in the West Highlands. There is always somewhere new and breathtaking to find.

3. What is your favourite photo you’ve ever shot and where was it taken? 

I haven’t taken it yet, probably never will. But I’m enjoying trying. The pictures I like the most aren’t necessarily my best pictures. They tend to be images that were the most fun to take or were really difficult to achieve. The ones with the best story to tell.

4. Whats methods do you use to market landscapes365 and what would you say has been most successful so far? 

Social media is by far the best method we have used to spread the Love Skye and L365 word. Print media is a huge expense that brings in very little business. Unless it’s editorial, if you can manage to have an article written about you, or even better by you, then print media is lovely, it’s your best friend. The other great method is word of mouth, we find if you make a client happy they like to tell people about it.

5. What would be the best piece of advice you can give businesses re photography? 

The first and most important view people get of any business whether it be in a brochure, a leaflet, a card or on the internet is a visual image. That means it is vital that the image must be the best available. It needs to be arresting, enticing and encouraging. A good image will create a lasting positive impression as much as a bad one will create a negative impression.  The cost to a business of a bad picture is a great deal more than the cost of creating a good one.

6. And the ultimate photographer question…Canon or Nikon?

It’s what you shoot not what you shoot with that’s important!


Andrew Woodhouse

Landscape and commerical photography and photography tuition. Isle of Skye, Scotland



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