Marketing & Sales – Keeping it Personal!

Having been bombarded with numerous ‘generic’ marketing and sales calls over the last few months I thought I would touch on this subject which affects us all and how our businesses and marketing/sales practices are perceived from the outside world…

Love it or hate it marketing and sales is at the centre of all businesses, without it we quite simply wouldn’t have any clients but it is how we go about these practices that can dramatically affect gaining or losing clients! Just last week I had a sales call from a company asking me if I would be attending a certain event to which I responded “If you had checked the exhibitor list you will see we are exhibiting at that event too!”…that company in one phone call had managed to put me off even visiting their stand at the event never mind doing business with them!

Or the other one I regularly experience (along with most business folk I’m sure) is the generic advertising sales emails, the one where they personally say hello at the start of the email so you think they are sending you a nice email but then have just copy and pasted a big long spiel about their circulation figures and what a wonderful opportunity it would be without even checking that the dates, info, etc are correct, one tried selling me advertising for 2013 last week, epic fail!

So when it comes to picking up the phone, sending an email, speaking to someone face to face or even doing social media updates there are some critical rules we should all abide to wherever possible. The more personal you make these processes the more effective they are likely to be.

Here are our top tips to keep you on the right track…

  • If you don’t like certain marketing and sales practices then don’t inflict them on your clients or potential clients either!
  • Group emails can be useful under certain circumstances but always ensure that your email applies to all it is being sent to and is as personal as it can be.
  • When following up new contacts you have met at an event avoid giving them a full blown sales pitch in your first email, that wasn’t why they gave you their business card. Use the opportunity to follow up with them but in a friendly and engaging way, don’t scare them away!
  • If you have to copy and paste some content for emails then always, always, always proof read before sending!
  • If you want to reach out to new and existing clients then make sure you stand out from the crowd, why not send them something fun or interactive, picking up the phone and giving them a sales pitch just won’t cut it!
  • Don’t sign folk up to your email newsletters without their consent first. Send them an email and politely suggest they do it, then the ball is in their court and they don’t need to feel awkward hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button when your 4th newsletter of the month hits their inbox.
  • And following on from the last point always ensure you have a ‘unsubscribe’ option on your email newsletters.
  • Generic replies on the social media channels can be as bad as generic emails, just don’t do it! Be social and be personal, it will pay off in the long run.
  • It’s good to talk but sometimes we all need to step back and listen!

So before you send that next email, make that next phone call, do that next social media update or send out that next mailing think first about making it personal and most importantly making it stand out.


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