Why Snow?

This is a question we get asked frequently by clients and contacts; where did the name Snow come from? It certainly makes for a great ‘ice breaker’ (no pun intended!). So to answer the question…quite simply it started snowing (as it does in the Highlands) the day we had to choose a name, so it stuck and we love it!

To most, the word ‘Snow’ conjures up images of pretty snowflakes and fluffy white scenes but not to us…snow is fresh and crisp and that’s what our bright, fun branding is all about.

Michelle Russell launched Snow in 2010. Michelle’s background lay mainly in the hospitality and tourism industry, but when she joined the team at Jacobite Cruises in 2008 as Marketing Manager she knew marketing and events was something that she wanted to develop further. In her spare time Michelle loves making the most of the great outdoors in the Highlands, but also loves travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and experimenting in one of her favourite hobbies, photography.

Snow’s ‘top dog’ is Beau, a fun and energetic Chesapeake Bay Retriever who is always on hand to encourage long walks in the brisk, fresh Highland air…making for perfect brainstorming time! Snow Dog Beau, as he’s now commonly known as even has his own Twitter profile and is always keen to meet new like minded four legged friends on his adventures around the Highlands.

Make a change, make it Snow!